Films/TV Series

Our company is in constant production of our original creative content. We are open and welcome for the new partnership and collaboration, looking for co-production partners and sales agents.

Last Aid

Action comedy road movie
90 min
Year of development 2019

Two young female medics who don’t get along are stuck together on a wild night shift during Purim’s Eve in Jerusalem. During this surreal night which revolves almost entirely around a first responder Ambulance, they encounter several life changing events and realize they are not so different after all, leading to cooperation and ultimately - redemption.


History action drama feature film
90 min
Year of development 2020

A young girl escapes a burning synagogue to become one of the fiercest fighters in the Jewish resistance. She blows up trains, kills Nazis, and finds the love that will last a lifetime.

The Pit

Dark action thriller feature film
90 min
Year of development 2020

An intense survival about a true fighter Nina. Where we discover that sometimes your anger, your strength, and the pain - can turn up a real love, friendship and compassion. That sometimes you have to lose - in order to win. And there could be a pure light in the darkest places.


Drama series based on true story
8 episodes (42 min)
Year of development 2020

A 40 year old, strict and married, Israeli man, embark on a journey to Kiev to find and persuade a 25 year old Ukrainian rock singer, who donated the egg his daughter was born from, to come with him to Israel in order to donate bone marrow and save his daughter's life.

Kovalsky & Klutch

Action comedy series
10 episodes (35 min)
Year of development 2019

An authentic crazy Israeli crime comedy about two Orthodox Jewish fixers in Uman, Ukraine, a tiny town that gathers around 100,000 Jewish pilgrims for a festival full of prayers, mischief and dirty business once a year prior ROSH HA SHANA (Jewish New Year).